Kim Bauer

Hey there 👋 My name is Kim Bauer.  
I am known as the DREAM HOME COACH. 

I help people who are building a custom home or doing a major renovation to STOP STRUGGLING, TAKE CONTROL and MOVE INTO the home of their dreams.      

I started my career as Founder and CEO of an award-winning marketing and branding firm.  Eventually, life opened the doors to real estate, and I refocused my creative energies on residential development, interior design and construction of award-winning luxury home projects in Boston, Chicago and Southern California.   Along the way, I have worked with institutional investors, successful entrepreneurs, billionaires, and professional athletes.

I am currently CEO of Bauer Design Group, 
a full-service interior and exterior design firm located in Beverly Hills, CA.  We specialize in helping homeowners, and developers 
DESIGN & BUILD luxury homes. 

Dream Build Academy is an extension of our services that allows us to reach a broader audience through digital content and courses.   Whether you want it all done for you, or you want a coach by your side along the way, or you are just looking for some free tips, tools and trade secrets, we can help you demystify the home design and building process and get FROM BUCKET LIST TO BUILT. 

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